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The 3 Biggest Dangers of Those Approaching or in Retirement

Tax Trap4

Taxes in retirement can be massive as well as completely unknown. With no or control of how much of our life’s savings will be left after tax, how is it possible to build an income plan with any certainty?

When under the strain of massive debt and obligations in the past, our government has not been hesitant to rapidly increase our tax burden. Maximum tax rates have jumped from 25% to 63% in one year, and at one time got to 94%!

While we are at historically low tax rates now, we believe that it is not a stretch to see our tax rates double over the next few years. In many cases, our strategies can remove that unknown risk completely.

If you qualify to have your life savings positioned such that it is never taxed again, tax rates will not matter. Two times zero is zero.

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Stock market “Corrections” otherwise known as “Crashes” must and in most cases can easily be completely eliminated. While someone age 40 may have plenty of time to “wait it out”, we who are a little older and in or approaching retirement should no longer take the risk.

Let’s not forget, for example, that we have seen the DJIA lose 49% over a 2.5 year period in the not too distant past, to say nothing of losing 57% from March of 2007 to October of 2009. Wall Street is not for the faint of heart.

A Crash at age 68 that wipes out half of your life’s savings is much more impactful than at age 40 for at least three reasons:

1. The stress and fear of running out of money would literally ruin any hope of a “Carefree Retirement” The psychological burden can be massive.

2. Waiting for a market recovery may take years such as during ”The Lost Decade” from 2000 to 2010 when $100k in the S and P went to 60K and got back to 100k at the end of the decade.

3. Taking money from a depleted portfolio after a crash dramatically multiplies the disaster. Furthermore, you may be forced to take money from a depleted portfolio not just for practical reasons but you may well be forced to withdraw in a down market by government regulations.

A market crash in or near retirement is a most often a recipe for a very difficult retirement, sometimes even forcing dependency on others.

For most people it is very much avoidable while still allowing for growth to combat Inflation.

combat infaltion

Inflation is now upon us and over a 20 to 40 year retirement will raise havoc with any retirement lifestyle if ignored. Of all the money our government has printed, 40% of it was printed in 2020 with no signs of a let up. 

In fact the U S Treasury has told us that they are rapidly increasing that process over the next decade. Rapidly printing money causes the value of our existing dollars to decrease. Many experts even fear hyper inflation unless drastic measures are taken soon.

So we must somehow grow our nest egg and we basically have three choices.

  • Fixed Returns
  • Variable Returns
  • Indexed Returns

Fixed Returns can be safe or guaranteed but offer little growth with rates usually in the low or very low single digits. That simply will not keep up with inflation.

Variable Returns as found in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs have historically returned 6 to 8% per year on average over long periods which may keep up with inflation. The problem is that without some sort of a safety net Variable returns have been known to lose 30 to 50% sometimes in a matter of months. If I am 35 years old I may be able to deal with that. At 65 or 75 years of age, a crash of that magnitude would be absolutely devastating.

Indexed returns come in many forms, but the general principal is we can participate in the up times and avoid the downturns. Gains are locked in , usually each year and are yours to keep. Sometimes this means limits on the upside. Often Indexed investments can keep pace with and sometimes out perform the general markets.

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