About Me

George MacAllister

Having experienced risk and reward from many angles and over extended periods,  has left me an optimistic believer in capitalism and growth. But at this point, especially for those approaching retirement, I’ve become quite risk adverse.

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40 Years In Financial Industry

Experienced, Knowledgable, Trustworthy

I founded “The Care Free Retirement Zone” after a 40 year journey in financial services deposited me and many friends and associates directly into the great tax trap.

As a financial advisor in the 80s and 90s and wholesaler and speaker on related subjects since then , I have had extensive experience with a great multitude of financial services and products.

Tax Adverse and Risk Adverse

My mission is simply to help those in or approaching retirement to maintain growth opportunities while dramatically reducing risk and tax at the same time.

Most of us envisioned and planned for a retirement with high assets and low taxes. It appears now that in many cases we run a substantial risk of reversing those objectives, reminding us that the “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”.

Our mission is simply to help people understand, acknowledged, confront and solve these issues before they happen.

World Class Training For Advisors & Wholsalers

The Next Level Solution™