Here's How It Works

The 3 Steps

1. The Trap

We took on a partner in the IRS without agreeing upon final terms. We agreed to let them tax us as they see fit at the time of disbursements.

It appears they will see fit to tax us much as they are in a great and increasing need. We have no idea what portion of that account belongs to us now, or more importantly in the future.

2. The Resolution

Like some other thorny issues, the first step is to recognize and confront the problem. Many of us can escape this trap effectively by using government regulations in place for over 100 years combined with recent evolutions in their use.

It requires a willingness to look with an open mind. The ultra wealthy have been doing this for years. Now with industry evolutions and increased technology these strategies are available to most investors.

3. The Implementation

It all starts with a simple conversation to discuss how this resolution is working for others and to what extent it could work for you. Start your friendly conversation today.

What Are You Waiting For?

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